How much vert did you get today?

If you ski or snowboard, Trace tracks your entire day on the mountain. Number of runs, speed, distance vertical, jumps, airtime, tricks, Calories burned, slope time, lift time, resting time, and a lot more.

How big was that tre-flip?

If you skate, Trace is a game-changer. Along with the usuals suspects like speed and distance, Trace measures tricks. Trace will tell you how high and how well you landed that 360 flip.

How fast were you going during that giant swell?

If you surf, Trace remembers every detail about your session. Speed, wave length, time of ride turn degree, Calories burned, waves caught, and more. And trust us, it's super addictive.

Trace can tell you.

And trace never forgets. Every trick, every wave, every run, every day.

Trace never stops thinking, recording, storing. It's your digital diary of the sports you love.

Pick your poison: